Neste Oil Rally Finland 1.-4.8.2012

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Tango Team goes Neste Oil Rally Finland 1.-4.8.2012

Wed 1st August

Not so big changes for year 2011… we once again headed to “Mecca of Rallying world… Jyväskylä Finland” No idea how many times we have been there. Actually this year we had great expectations for the event as few great new stages were included like SS Mynnilä. Ok it was the same stage as 2011 but new driving direction.

Shakedown: Aki, Marko and Antti decided to start from the shakedown even if it was very similar than every year… Stage Ruuhimäki is of course a great stage but ok would be nice to see something totally new.
I feel also that the spectators outside of Finland feels the same.  Great jumps were expected to see but nothing special this year we got on video. We filmed in two different jumps and got quite nice jumps and slides. It was a HEAVY rain and thunder and the stage changed very fast to flooding conditions. It was a chilly weather for the tourists with t-shirts only.

This year the meaning of shakedown was different in gravel rallies. It was a stage to find out the starting order for the first day stages. Ok idea is good but this also means not so many drivers drive the shakedown and it was actually boring to wait long times to see any the wrc cars. 10 years ago in shakedown you could see easily 100 wrc driving at shakedown. This year it was maybe 40.

In evening time after the shakedown we drove around the area with the caravan and finally found a beautiful place to sleep next to nice lake in the caravan.

Thu 2nd August

Antti and Marko started the rally day from the “morning service” at Paviljonki HQ. It looks the service is also getting more and more boring every year. We feel WRC world really should pay attention to have something new for the spectators.
Ok the wrc cars were there and some nice looking pit babes but ok it is not enough nowadays like that. Well nice looking video Marko got but the atmosphere in service was boring sorry to say. It is getting more and more commercial unfortunately.
Years ago the city of Jyväskylä was also involved and taking part… now it´s only serious business and that is what we don’t like in this sport. All people should be able to see the service area for free we feel!!! That is one way to get people interested of rallying.

Not so many stages on Thursday we had… three stages totally to choose. Aki decided to go to stage Koukunmaa… 2011 it was a tricky corner that Aki found but this year he went to film it then. It´s difficult place with high speed but this year it was no action there like last year.

Marko was unlucky and got the first speeding ticket when approaching stage Mynnilä. Marko and Antti drove through the stage Mynnilä. There were few potential places… one high speed to left that seems to be more tight as you feel it when you see it for the first time. Ok it seems to be so and already top10 drivers had great moments there.
It was close calls for Block and Neuville. Then it´s started to get more dark… and fast Swedish talent Ahlin went high speed off road and rolled more than 5 times with academy Fiesta. Marko got just perfect video of this action.
Also few other drivers had BIG moments but could avoid crashing the car. This stage was just spectacular!

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