Neste Oil Rally Finland 28.-30.7.2011

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Tango Team goes Neste Oil Rally Finland 28.7.-30.7.2011 – On niitä kaatoja kuultu

Once again it was time for the WRC event of Finland and this time the event had altered its shape - event started with three special stages on Thursday, Friday was long day with visit to Lahti and then Saturday full of traditional stages.



Aki, Marko, Antti and Niilo went to see shakedown held in Ruuhimäki, where some nice jumps were seen. Stage is one of the most legendary stages and we feel it is almost perfect stage as shakedown. At least much better that shakedown in 2010 at Muurame. Also a brasilian tv-group held camera on top of jump - it's nice to see international interest for rallying! Citroen really was jumping nice and no problems with landing even with full speed. Ford really have something to do to get car better.

SS1 Lankamaa 

Marko, Harri, Jani, Kassu, Antti and Niilo arrived to the famous "barn corner" among thousands of other spectators. This corner has such a reputation that whenever it is driven, one just needs to be there! This time weather was hot, athmosphere was nice, but no action was seen - only recognizable thing was to whitness Hirvonen's unfortunate start of the rally: rear of his Fiesta was damaged and slowed him down. but the weather was perfect... maybe too hot!

SS 2 Laukaa

Aki decided to start his Neste Oil Rally from Laukaa special stage at famous cable ferry corner, but this year drivers had marked the corner well to their pacenotes.


SS 4 Hassi

Marko, Harri, Jani, Kassu, Antti and Niilo started friday at Hassi special stage, but in a bit different locations. Marko had more energy and he walked couple of kilometers further on stage and saw nice slides there and heard couple of rolls on the next corner. Others stayed closer to the beginning of the stage and could see Therman going off.

Antti, Niilo and Marko stayed at stage for historic class and again Marko was able to hear couple of cars going off, but couldn't get those on tape. 

SS 6 Hyväneula 1

Aki started his friday from Hyväneula where he whitnessed Korhonen's spin. 

SS 8 Koivukehä

Harri, Jani and Kassu left for Koivukehä from Hassi and entered the end of the stage. Very long queue for getting cars to parking area there was, so some longer walk was done to get to the place before first car. Spectating area was done well and action was started by Araujo, who drove off to the grain field. Novikov had technical problems and couple of nice slides were seen.

SS 11 Mynnilä

Aki entered Mynnilä as his second stage of the day, but no drama was seen in here either.


SS 12 Leustu 1

Aki, Harri, Jani and Kassu started the day from Leustu. No drama was seen, just noticing that Mini's were having pretty low ride height.

SS 14 Urria 1

Last year there were not so much action in first corner of Urria so Marko thought this year might be more action. For some reason all WRC cars drive thru corner very slow and not even sliding so much. Ok grip was good and the drivers already had rhytm for stages as it was not the first stage for the day as previous years. Not even close calls were seen there....not until historic cars arrived to stage. One VW beatle went off road and they really had diffeculties to find the way back to stage thru the field.

SS 17 Leustu 2

Aki, Jani and Kassu whitnessed also the second round of Leustu, but again no action was seen.

SS 19 Urria 2

Marko was about to see all the cars on second round too but it was getting very boring at the end. Marko decided finally leave the stage maybe 5 cars before the end of stage and what happened again. The first car Marko missed crashed in that corner and Marko of course only heard the crash and yelling audience. We have never heard that many crashes in one event :)

Rally 2011 was great rally event as it has always been: great battle on stages, nice athmosphere and good weather! It was interesting to move the rally route towards south, but somehow the rally also lost a bit of its edge as the roads in middle-finland are so characteristic and unique which can't be imitated elsewhere.. Wishing to keep the route in the neighbourhood of Jyväskylä in the future! See you next year again in Jyväskylä!

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