Neste Oil Rally Finland 2010

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Tango Team goes Neste Oil Rally Finland 29.7.-31.7.2010 – On niitä kaatoja nähty

Once again we entered the Neste Oil Rally Finland - story about our journey will be finished within few days.


Aki had recce for few stages like Laajavuori, Surkee and shakedown stage from spectator's view. Laajavuori was a new stage as a super special stage this year and replaced Killeri SSS. The first section of the stage was totally new and included tarmac section uphill laajavuori downhill skiing slope. There had been made also a jump right after the first corner.

Shakedown stage located in Muurame was also new for all the drivers. High speed stage including high speed jumps. Marko, Antti and 7 years old Niilo started their trip by taking caravan close to new shakedown stage. A free parking area was found just next to the private parking area that cost 40 euros/night/caravan. This is how much it costs nowadays :( We had about 2 km walk to a corner that was found interesting.



Aki found a good spectating area for our group just 1 km from the start...tight corner to left. It was hard to find any better place as stage was very thick forest and there were no long distance view available. Only problem was that we had to stand at the outside of the corner and got many small rocks hitting ourselves. Al Qassimi had few extremely nice slides and we got a great video of his drive. Weather was very hot. On Thursday we got a new temperature record of 37 degrees in Finland. We were lucky to stand under shadow at shakedown all day and we made it just fine. We would say the stage was a little bit boring stage. Hopefully we get some new better stage next year. Ruuhimäki would be fine as shakedown again.

Service Park 

After the shakedown we went swimming and got refreshed. Then it was good to go to service park to see the cars, pit babes and new service area layout. Harri joined our group at service park too. Ok...We had to walk around the area before getting into WRC service area...layout was not working so fine. Also athmosphere was very calm and quiet. It felt strange for some reason.

Rally of Finland had its 60th anniversary and there was an exhibition about the whole history of it at service park exhibition hall. It was nice to see historical old photos and cars together but the feeling totally was very lame. Something really need to be done for the layout of the area to get it better next year.

SSS 1 Laajavuori

After the lunch in Paviljonki was time to go to the first super special stage Laajavuori. We get it there easily by car. Jani joined our group witn motorcaravan too. Other spectators had found the stage easily too and stage was very growded. There were rooms for everybody and they all got good vantage point easily. Stage was perfect as SSS. There were big screen so it was possible to follow the cars long time. Athmosphire was good and spectators were cheering for the drivers hard. We got very nice landscape photos and video and good photos about the first jump too. After the stage we and our caravan finded our way to stage Urria. The stage was the same like in past years so we had not so big diffeculties to decide the corner to go. There were big enought parking area and we find good places for our caravans. We grilled some food and then went to sleep early as we had to wake up early next morning.


SS 2 Urria

Huge amount of spectators were there and most of them got good vantage point easily in corner at the first section of the stage. We saw many close calls and nice slides indeed. One Pirelli star Mitsu driver went off road slightly but was able to continue the rally without any problems - just drove out from ditch. We got it on video from two different angles. This stage was driven twice but we took our caravans after the first round and headed to the new stage named Sirkkamäki.

SS 7 Sirkkamäki

We were considering very hard between Sirkkamäki and Lankamaa but decided to go to Sirkkamäki as it was new interesting stage. Lankamaa hey barn corner we had seen so many times..and we had seen so many rollings and crashes in Rally Finland already in past years :) At the final part of the stage there were few potential places with long distance view and also potential places to crash heavily. We choosed the long high speed corner to right that were narrowing at the end of the corner. There were many high speed slides and S2000 Skodas dricen by P-G and Sandell had the most spectacular slides. It was close to see some action but no drama in this corner this year. Of course it was annoying to hear from the radio what kind of action were seen in Lankamaa. But ok...stage Sirkkamäki was good. We can still recommend it for everybody. Spectator areas were well made and kiosks for hungry and thirsty spectators were top quality!

SS 9 Sirkkamäki

Stage was driven twice and we followed the both rounds at the same vantage point. No drama but nice slides again. Weather was changing all the was extremely hot and soon it was windy and raining too. Maybe we go to Sirkkamäki stage next year again...who knows.


SS 16 Himos

We spent our night in caravans close to stage Himos. We walked through forest to get to see one nice jump of the stage - on first round couple of cars flew too long and broke a bit of their cars - pieces of front bumpers were collected out from road after they had come through.

SS19 Himos 2

As the last stage of the rally there was still tight battle of the winner ongoing and the first cars on the road drove on their limits - after the top 5 had gone, others settled to easen a bit and concentrate on getting their cars safely to the checkered flag. S2000 cars had some too heavy jumps.

Rally 2010 was good but somehow it felt that it´s been better some years ago. Shakedown was ok for the drivers but there were only few corners for the spectators.  but ok...see you next year in any case :)

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