Neste Oil Rally Finland 2009

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Tango Team goes Neste Oil Rally Finland 30.7.-2.8.2009 – Hyppy täys

We had nothing better to do so we once again came to Jyväskylä to see the most spectacular WRC event maybe. And hey…it really was. Just insane jumps and lot´s of action. This year our team participated the event as spectators with a group of : Aki, Antti, Harri, Henri, Jani, Kassu, Marko and Katri. Marko and Katri had their own caravan of course…rest of the group had cars and motor caravan to sleep and go to the stages. The route was good for spectators…ok not so many stages that was able to visit per day but good stage. Finally Rally Finland got a god stages for Sunday too. Myhinpää stage was finally back in Rally Finland!


Aki and Antti had a recce for few stages like Ruuhimäki. Most of the group spend their first night in hotel but Marko and Katri had a lovely night in caravan close to shakedown stage. It was growded as every year and was difficult to get any sleep when Latvian rally fans were singing all night. When they finally passed out, there came a another group of Estonian rally fans with full of energy and with new songs. But hey…this year nobody was fighting…just singing and yelling.

Service area

Aki and Antti went to check out the service area already on Wednesday. After that Harri and Henri joined the group and they went to Jyväskylä city to have a beer…at least one…or two…



Marko and Katri went to 0.5 km from start…uphill bend to left. The long corner to right in the middle of stage was seen so many times already. Ok…it was boring place but we saw one exiting moment when some drunk older man rolled heavily on stage and hit the face on gravel. The marshals had their chance to use the power and they got the man away from the road extremely fast

One good slide was seen…surprise or not but it was made by Mr. Novikov. Rest of our group was in the middle of stage…top of Laajavuori hill…Harri and Henri were in the most traditional long corner to right. Would be so nice to get a new shakedown stage even if this is good but this is seen so many times as the same. Why not to drive it to another direction or something?

Pirelli Star Driver Shoot Out

Aki, Antti, Harri and Henri went to check the Pirelli shoot out in Ruuhimäki stage. Spectacular jumps in high speed stage. There were potential drivers showing their skills and on the other hand many team people checking who really is the rally driver. Ari Vatanen was seen in stage as well. Joonas Lindroos had a bad luck and crashed his car right after landing.

Service Park rally HQ Paviljonki

Marko and Katri went to see the atmosphere of service area…same as every year. It was not so many spectators as normally but ok. Good opportunity to meet some drivers and to buy rally products. We met also Rainer and Heidi from A&S Vip tours and checked their plan shortly. Rest of our group came to service area from Ruuhimäki in afternoon…but early enough to see the area and to get on time to Killeri SSS. We obtained few good spots to take a photo as well. We met Markku Alén, Hannu Mikkola, Harri Rovanperä, Simo Lampinen etc. and there were some nice looking Karjala pit babes seen as well. Rally expo was ok but we really were waiting something new this year. Service area has been the same many years now.

SS1 Killeri

From service area we went to see the Killeri SSS. This was the first time for Katri to see this stage so we decided to go there even if the stage was seen so many times as the same for the rest of our group. Russian Fiesta driver Denis Grodetskiy started this event with very bad luck and hit the rail and was forced to retire. Ok hitting the rail was bad luck but the car got jammed and was not able to continue…that was very bad luck. There were some other exiting moments in stage as well. Juhani Länsikorpi got lost in stage and was about to leave the stage before finnish line. Luckily the marshals showed that please continue one more round to see the finnish line. Atmosphere on stage was ok…well it has been better few years ago when thousands of Estonian rally fans were cheering for Markko Märtin and Michael Park. On Thursday evening we drove to Kruununperä stage with the caravan. Jani and Kassu joined our group there and they had reserved a perfect place for our caravan already. Thanks to Kassu and Jannu.


SS3 Kruununperä 1

We went to see one tricky high speed junction. There were a lot of people but luckily there were lot of room for audience too. This place was entertaining and few drivers had some problems and went slightly off road. The weather was getting more and more hot and the audience was getting more and more drunk. The feeling on this stage was good and the marshals were not too strict. It was mentioned in rally material that it´s allowed to walk on stages until 1 hour before the first car. That was a good decision.

SS7 Kruununperä 2

Aki, Katri and Marko decided to stay in the same vantage point for second round as well. They were expecting that the surface of the road is more slippery when weather was getting hot. There was no action on the second round. Kimi Räikkönen had a close call but that’s all. Rest of the group was on previous 90 degree junction to right. They got some good photos but no action was seen there as well. After the stage we drove to Multia and find a nice place to go to swimming. It was refreshing after long walk on stages. In the evening we drove closer to stage Himos and finally find a place for caravan and motor caravan. It started to rain later but it was not a problem for us.


SS12 Himos

We knew a good jump in Himos stage and walked there in early morning. Ok it was hard to walk in deep forest and not too easy to find the place but the jump was ok. We were lucky that it finished raining. Few nice jumps were seen here.

SS15 Himos 2

The second round was good as well. Road condition was not so good anymore and some of the cars broke their cars after landing in previous jump. We knew there will be a lot of spectators in Myhinpää stage so we decided to drive closer to stage early enough and let the others go to Kavala and Väärinmaja stages to see some action there. Myhinpää stage was full of caravans and motor caravans driving trough stage to find place to park. Stage was difficult and very fast. Full speed jumps and then very slow bends as well. Katri and Marko got the caravan finally parked to official parking area. They took a risk because this kind of places are very noisy in night time. Luckily they were so tired that it was possible to sleep even if there were a carnival going on in night time. Rest of the group find a place to stay a night closer to corner that we were going on Sunday morning


SS21 Myhinpää

We went to very tricky corner to right that really need to take carefully. TOP10 drivers had many close calls but no drama was seen here this year. Before the second round it was not so long break so we had only few minutes time to eat blueberries in forest and have a cup of coffee.

SS22 Myhinpää

The second round started with full attack. Khalid Al-Qassimi had a nice slide and was close to hit the bank. Rautenbach crashed his Focus from full speed 800 metres before our corner and retired. They cut a tree and had a huge jump into deep finnish forest. They were more than lucky to be unhurt in this accident. Luckily there were no spectators in this area as well even if this area of stage is very growded. Rally got a new winner…once again a finnish young talent took the first place. Well Done Mikko and Jarmo. They had a event without any mistakes or problem. Nice drive!!! Now it makes Sebastien to drive faster in next event maybe.

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