Neste Oil Rally Finland 2008 31.7.-3.8.2008

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Tango Team goes Neste Oil Rally Finland of 2008 - Finn can't always win!

Our team participated the event as spectators with a group of eight men: Aki, Antti, Harri, Henri, Jani, Kassu and two Markos.
We had one motorcaravan, one caravan and one car - and Marko with his Skoda.
Rally route had changed a lot especially for Saturday and we had to do lots of research to find out the best spectator areas.


Aki drove through few of the stages on Wednesday to find out the very last changes on special stages before the rally. Aki found a very nice place for us on beginning of stage Urria...spectacular. Marko and Harri arrived in Jyväskylä just to be in time before rally begins on Thursday.

Service area

Marko and Harri went to check out the service area already on Wednesday, but it was pretty quiet out there and for Marko's disappointment there were not so many nice looking pit babes either. Well it was easier to get photos from the teams now.



Marko and Harri spend their night in a caravan close to Laajavuori. Night was very loudy thanks to some czech rally fans. They were yelling and fighting with each others all night. Aki, Marko and Harri woke up early on Thursday morning to be in time at the shakedown event. Lots of WRC, JWRC and PWRC cars were testing their rally setups. Few nice slides were seen there, but no drama. Maybe this stage is even too familiar to all of us already. Hopefully they change the stage or change driving direction some year.


Service area

Our group continued to service area again and at this time the place was more crowded and also the rally exhibition was opened to the public. Harri made an extra 3km walk as he forgot his rallypass to car..

SSS1 Killeri

Later in the Thursday evening also Antti and Jani joined our group as we went to see the SSS1 Killeri. The athmosphere at Killeri super special stage was ok and weather was great. There were lots of estonians once again as Urmo Aava has become more famous - it almost looked like the year 2003, when Markko Märtin won the event and the whole event was conquered by estonians.


SS2 Vellipohja 1

Our team as whole spent night sleeping at motorcaravan and caravan - well Aki slept at hotel.. Morning coffees were made just after 5am and after that we hiked our way to see the last big jump of the ss - Mikkelsen had the craziest jump! It also rained during the ss, but it didn't seem to have any affect to drivers' performance.

SS5 Vellipohja 2

For the second round of Vellipohja we went a little bit backwards the stage to see one right corner on field as we noticed that few cars had had pretty wide lines there on first round. Just when we had settled down, FIA marshals ordered the lines to be redone as the place was too dangerous! The place was as dangerous as on the first round - why nobody reacted then?
Well "Hullu Galli" had great slide here, but everybody survived from the corner also on the second round.

SS8 Urria

After Vellipohja we drove to Urria as Aki recommended us the nice spectating area from there. And the place was stunning!
There was a VIP area with band and everybody on the field could enjoy the songs they played. Great! Few drivers almost ended up to ditch, but somehow they managed to stay on the road - cars were on three wheels few times.. Many nice lines were seen at this stage - the famous jump of this stage is not the only place for spectators on this stage!


SS12 Himos

We decided to start Saturday from the end of the Himos stage as there were some tarmac also and there might be some action too. We managed to get our caravan and motorcaravan close to the stage, so early SS time wasn't so bad. The spectating area was wide and even though there was no action on tarmac, one Renault rolled over on one gravel hairpin - maybe took a hit with hay roll?

SS17 Kaipolanvuori

We returned to the same corner as last year even though the running direction of the stage was changed from last year.
Few really wide lines were seen, but everybody handled the tricks needed for passing this corner.

SS20 Juupajoki

We went to the last corner of the stage to see one tight left corner which is falling down from hill. Great spectator places even though some bushes disturbed at first infront of the spectator area. Weather was amazingly great and everybody seemed to have a good time! As the corner was really difficult, Villagra and Arminen rolled over their cars here. Villagra's Ford caught also some flames!! After about half of the cars had gone through the stage was cancelled - perhaps because of nasty looking crash of Jan Mölder earlier on the stage?


SS23 Hannula

On Sunday only Jani, Kassu and Marko went to see rally driving on this new stage, but the road was in really bad shape already before the rally cars even got there! Great disappointment for us and we won't get on this stage no further more.


Marko, Henri and Harri went to see the podium. Great pics were taken from the athmosphere, (nice looking cars and pit babes too) of Paviljonki. This year Sebastien Loeb won the event, it was the 8th time when non-scandinavian won the event..

I hope you all enjoyed your trip in Finland as well as we did...see you next year again :)

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