Neste Oil Rally Finland 2.-5.8.2007

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Tango Team goes Neste Oil Rally Finland of 2007 - rallye caravaners!!

Our team participated the event as spectators with a group of six men: Aki, Antti, Harri, Henri, Kassu and Marko. We went through the rally with one motorcaravan and one car...and Marko with his Skoda. Interesting new places and stages were seen at Neste Oil Rally Finland this year, thanks to new route.


Aki has driven through many of the stages on Wednesday to check whether some interesting places are on the special stages.


Shakedown and Service area

Aki began his journey on thursday from the shakedown event. After shakedown pink colored rally passes had been bought and he went to see service area. Obviously pink rally pass of this year was designed to please girls :D Shakedown of rally Finland is very legendary stage. Many excellent places are easyly found from here. The best places are at the end of the shakedown stage.

SSS1 Killeri

Later in the thursday evening Aki and Marko went to see the SSS1 Killeri. The athmosphere at Killeri super special stage was ok and weather was more than perfect. All the others arrived to the area just before midnight so didn't have chance to get to see this stage.


SS2 Vellipohja 1

Our team spent our night sleeping at our cars and motorcaravan. After very early wake up the whole group went to see the last big jump on the special stage and we saw many huge jumps. It's just amazing how long jumps these cars can handle nowadays! During the short break few of us went to see Kristian Sohlberg's crashed Subaru - 500 meters before the end of the special stage.

SS5 Vellipohja 2

For the second round of Vellipohja we went a little bit backwards the stage to see one uphill right where we saw some marks of action from the first round. Guy Wilks was so close to get his car smashed up here! He was lucky, though. These few "actions" were seen at Eurosport too.

SS9 Lautaperä

After Vellipohja we found a real shortcut to this SS (thanks Aki!) and went to see the first tight left of the stage. It was more than difficult to get throught the shortcut with Skoda. So many people out there!! And almost the last car had the best lines: number 113 avoided just barely rolling his Volkswagen Polo in this corner. Many nice lines were seen at this new stage.


SS12 Kaipolanvuori

This stage was new and excellent stage. We spent our night again close to end of this stage. Spectacular sceneries were seen at Jämsänkoski area. This is what makes this country so special...thousands of lakes. We went to see one tigth rigth corner at the end of the stage, but even some of the drivers showed us cool ways to get through the corner there was no action at all...the grip was so good at this Saturdays first stage. By the way - the only stage that Loeb won at this year's Jyskälä was this one.

SS15 Leustu

We went to the stage to see the big jump in the middle of the stage, but because we had not so much time here, we decided to watch the rally at one field closer to the parking area we chose to use. Great place: long viewing distance and nice sunny day! No action at this place either, but at least we saw many rally cars. This place was perfect to get an excellent looking video. Lots of people can easily enjoy the rally and great jumps here without difficulties to see behind of other spectators. There is lot´s of space!

SS20 Surkee

We went to the middle of the stage to see one tigth right junction and yes, there was action! Drivers had difficulties to estimate the braking point to the junction and they were coming too fast! So we saw many driver to pass the junction, turn the car around and then continuing their stage to the right direction. Vetomies-competition drivers showed the world how gravel can be moved by driving! Marko was tired enouht to go back to Jyväskylä before this stage. Sauna and cool beer appealed Marko more this night. There is a small island and sauna close to Jyväskylä city that is in common use. Nice place and nice views. You can get there by boat from Viitaniemi for free.


SS21 Valkola

On Sunday morning the wake up was a little bit later than on the other days, but we compensated it by staying up longer on Saturday evening! :) We went to see one downhill right-left corner, day was sunny, but no drama was seen at this place.


Marko was the only one of us who went to see the podium. Great pics were taken from the athmosphere, (nice looking cars and pit babes too) of Paviljonki. Great rally was seen again on difficult, extremely fast gravel roads of Finland. Let´s see how does it feel to go to the Rally of Germany next week. Definately great but so different...let´s see. Achtung!

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