Neste Rally Finland 18.-20.8.2006

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Tango Team goes Neste Rally Finland 18.08.-20.08.2006

The World Rally organization had arrived to Finland just one week after rally of Germany. Teams must have had hurry while packing things together and taking everything from Germany to Finland in such a short time! Anyways it's going to be a great rally weekend again on these fast finnish gravel roads.

This year Jani, Johanna and Harri stayed at Johanna's friend, Suvi's, apartment and Killeri was only half a kilometer away - thank you again, Suvi!

18.08.2006 Friday

SS3 Laukaa

This year we decided to start our day from Laukaa, because we had heard that spectator areas of our traditional place at SS Lankamaa had been heavily restricted. Aki joined our small group too and we watched rally battle in rainy conditions at "ferry boat corner". First few drivers were really fast, but then others were really slow. Marcus and Mikko were really fast here.

SS6 Mökkiperä 1

In the afternoon the sun came out and rally was driven in great conditions! Jani and Harri went to see rally and found a great tight left corner and saw nice driving there. Stohl broke his car and drove with three wheels. Kristian Sohlberg had problems with his engine and Atkinson had a broken gearbox.

SS 5/7 Vellipohja 1/2

Aki went to see rally action to Vellipohja. Nothing special happened there.

SS9 Killeri 2

Jani and Harri went to see this super special stage because it was really close to our accomodation. Usually there's no special drama on these small stages and that happened this time too.

19.08.2006 Saturday

SS10 Himos

Aki did wake up early from the parking place of this SS. He ate breakfast while enjoying Galli's performance at the "rail corner": Galli went sideways using all the road available and in the end banks kept Galli still in the race. The junction in this place wore out really quickly and after that no drama anymore.

SS 12/15 Ouninpohja east 1/2

On Saturday Jani and Harri headed to Ouninpohja east and stayed there for the whole day. On first round the battle about the win ended to Loeb's puncture and the win was given to Marcus on a silver plate. Loeb was really lucky because Katajamäki hit the same stone as Loeb and he broke is front suspension. No other drama at this special stage.

SS 13 Urria

Aki and Antti went to see rally to this special stage close to the famous jumps. Nice lines and driving - no drama..

SS 16 Moksi-Leustu

Aki went to the famous "McRae-place" on this stage. Grönholm and Valouzek showed real driving here, but others were pretty bland.

Pre-check of SS 19/21

Aki drove through SS Jukojärvi, but didn't find any interesting place to stay at.

20.08.2006 Sunday

SS 18/20 Kuohu

Aki went to see rally cars to the open field that is shown also few times in tv. Nothing happened here.


On sunday Jani and Harri decided not to go to see any rally stages and went to see the podium finish - after all it was again a great finnish victory!

Thanks to all Neste Oil Rally organisers again...perhaps the best event of WRC again...

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