Tango Team goes Neste Rally Finland 03.08.-07.08.2005

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Tango Team goes Neste Rally Finland 03.08.-07.08.2005 - Flying Finns

Neste Rally Finland is the legendary session for our team members. Many of us have been there more than ten times... already at the time of B-group. Some of us have even memories from the seventies: Markku Alen with mirafiori at 2AM in the dark and wet forest full of drunken people...

There is so many legendary stages like Ouninpohja, Lankamaa, Ruuhimäki, Mökkiperä and many others in Finland!
The biggest jumps, very high speed (or highest?), beautiful sceneries...that is the prescription that makes this rally so fascinating.This year we started our trip on Wednesday evening. We went close to Shake down-stage and spent our night by admiring the athmosphere of Laajavuori tent village. A lot of noicy spectators were gathered together to get the feeling ready for shake down. Most of the rally fans were from Poland, Estonia, Russia and Czeck republic. We were also sleeping in a tent and in cars.

04.08.2005 Thursday

Shake down

The shake down stage is located very close to centre of Jyväskylä. At first competitors are climbing up to the hill and then they will go down the same hill. Stage is excellent and very famous in rally history. Stage was named Laajavuori already at the B-group time. It's like tradition for us to start at the top of the hill... At the top of the stage there is one very very long bend turning right after jump. The athmosphere was excellent and people were having good time allready at 8 AM...for some spectators rallying day started with hangover...but not for us.

We got excellent video and some great fotos from the stage too. Galli jumped heavily and others entertained us too. Perfect start for this rally again.

Service park

After shake down we went to service park to see competitors and of course all the pit babes too. Many nice looking systems were found.
We wished good luck for Jani Paasonen and Jani Vainikka for this year.

SS1 Killeri 1

Millions of estonians were gathered to Killeri stage to cheer for Markko Märtin. It was raining very heavily but it's part of Rally of Finland too.
Race had begun and show has been started with real race again.

At the end of the day we headed close to Lankamaa stage and spent our night sleeping in our cars and tents. Sleep good -rock well...

05.08.2005 Friday

SS2 Lankamaa

This is the stage where this rally really starts. We chose the place at the end of the stage...almost every year somebody crashes heavily at this place. Place came famous after Petter Solberg crashed here few years ago with his Ford. This year there were many near misses but nobody rolled this time, mainly because they have lowered the ditch since last time. Junttila almost managed to crash his Mitsubishi.

SS5 Vellipohja 1

We used very extreme ways to get on this stage in time. Vellipohja was a totally new stage for Neste rally. It's great that new stages like this are found and are used for rallying. This is very high speed stage with great, difficult jumps. Many of top10 drivers had problems with the jums at this stage. Sebastian Lindholm needed to retire after the stage because of heavy landing from a big jump. The first corner of stage is very entertaining and also action seen here.

We chose the place where has been action at local rallies. Czech driver Valouzek had some near miss at this place on the first round. Place is ok but there is so many small trees that you can't see very far. There is a great junction after this place. There were some actions, because there is no room for breaking straigth easily. Again millions of estonians were yelling and cheering for Markko.

SS7 Vellipohja 2

This stage was driven twice...Marko did not change the spectating place for second round but Aki went to the place where PG Andersson had a total crash on the first round. Nothing special were seen this time at both of these places.

SS Mökkiperä 1/2

Antti, Harri, Jani&Co went to see some rally action to Mökkiperä, but nothing was seen here this time.

SS9 Killeri 2

We ended Friday with Killeri super special stage. The weather was much better this time...and the athmosphere were excellent.

06.08.2005 Saturday

SS Vaheri

Another early wake up...we drove ahead to stage Vaheri. Spectacular sceneniers were seen close to Jämsä.

There was a huge jump located on the new section of this stage. This place were found by Aki...once again a new jump that made this thrilling. Mafred Stohl jump totally wrong way and got off road after landing and hit a stone. Car was damaged enough to retire. Many other too high and too long jumps were also seen...like Rovanperä and Kuistila. Huge start for this rally day. All action are also on video :)

SS Urria

We chose a bend to right at the quite end of the stage. There were few near misses like Atkinsons performance.This stage were cancelled after some accidents: first british subaru-driver hurt his back jumping too far at the big jump of the stage, then spectator got hit by stone... Antti, Harri,Jani&co were watching there, so we heard the news and decided to leave the stage immediately.

Service Park

Marko went back to Jyväskylä and visited service park media village. Team of Manfred Stohl was interested to see the crash on tape and they were very friendly for us.

SS Moksi-Leustu

Rest of the team ended saturday on a bend known as "Pykälistö/Sperrer". Couple near-offs and one spin.

07.08.2005 Sunday

SS19 Kruununperä 1

We vere still waiting for more action from this rally. Kruununperä stage was perfect for this. There is a bend to right that tighteness more enough.Atkinson was the first in trouble at this place. Then nothing for a while...but when N-group started, also action was seen. Two N-group drivers, Nigel Heath and Alexander Villanueva, rolled and retired.

SS21 Kruununperä 2

The last stage of this rally was left. Nothing drama was seen, but it was still nice to see the cars those were left in the race. The surface of the road was not so good anymore and many drivers took it very carefully to make it sure to finish the race. Patrik Flodin got a puncture and lost his battle for group-N victory.

Excellent race and feeling again. We also got very good video- and digipicture material from this race. Thanks for organizing this rally again. Maybe the best rally at WRC again.

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